Chez Marianne

Today is Le Quatorze Juillet or Bastille Day, France’s National Day, a date that marks the storming of the Bastille and the beginning of the French Revolution; the end of the monarchy (recall Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette) and the beginning of the French Republic as we know it. Of course, such a profound French awakening calls for … Continue reading Chez Marianne

I Smell Paris

Scent has the ability to take us back, spring us forward, immerse us in a moment or all, at once. Burnt rubber and the stench of steel take me back to a Metro ride in Paris. Freshly rained on pavement springs me forward to rainy days in Paris. The scent of coffee immerses me in … Continue reading I Smell Paris

Petit Chou si Tendre à La Creme de Café

En Anglais, approximately – small pastry filled with coffee cream. What a deliciously gorgeous ad from the French! If they really do one thing well, it’s food and everything related to food: great food photography/cinematography, music that goes perfectly with food, colors that make food so irresistible, indescribable feelings of happiness and comfort that only … Continue reading Petit Chou si Tendre à La Creme de Café