The Secret Garden

Whenever I am asked what my favorite place in Paris is, the Jardin du Luxembourg is always my no-blink response. Sprawling and grand yet cozy and warm. Lush yet airy. Very public yet very personal. Indeed, in this magnificently manicured expanse of greens and pinks and yellows – and in autumn, orange of all hues – in … Continue reading The Secret Garden

Rue Charlot

It’s quite hard to pick a favorite street in Paris. Every rue has its own character and surprises. When I lived on the Left Bank, the street that grew closest to my heart was Rue du Cherche-Midi, because that’s where my flat was and it was a charming and quiet long street with random vintage finds. Plus … Continue reading Rue Charlot

The Little Things

By now, you probably know how deeply in love I am with Paris. I mean, I created a blog dedicated to it. How any more obvious can I get? Read through the posts on this site and you can piece together all the different ways I and all of the Parisphiles I’ve interviewed adore it. But … Continue reading The Little Things